Thursday, July 29, 2010

On beds and other goodies

The boy had the side taken off his crib as an experiment in seeing if he could, you know, actually sleep in bed. Eventually we need to move the girl out of the pack and play. Of course, she's not growing at an exponential rate, so it could last quite awhile longer but still it has to be done. So we tried. It's been 3 days so far.

Night 1) The boy got up at least 8 times, coming out of his room. I took him back repeatedly informing him it was time for bed. About an hour after actual bedtime, he conked out.

Night 2) The boy got up only twice before giving up

Night 3) The boy decided that coming out of the room was for suckers and that he could do plenty of things in the room. Like climbing the dresser. This resulted in his dad being very cross with him after he climbed up there the 3rd time. He fell asleep after that.

Soooo.... yeah.... we'll keep working at this. But the child needs to stop being so damn creative before he gets himself killed. Or I need to find a way to strap down the dresser.

In other news, the boy also hid my keys (car and house) and refuses to tell me where they are. We will get them replaced this weekend.

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