Sunday, June 13, 2010


School is done! Thank heaven.

Marathon training got totally derailed when I caught a tummy bug the day after my first run. I ran 2 miles and then had to stop. Now I feel better, so hopefully I can get back to running ASAP.

I took Monday off because I couldn't justify spending a week of daycare for both kids for one day of work. Even if I don't get paid for it (which is possible) it still makes more sense financially. Of course, the A/C broke, so now we need to get that fixed. And my husband, is progressing with his courses, but still jobless. He should start certification number 4 this week, so he has A+, a Cisco one and Microsoft after he finishes this test. There are 7, in total I think, for the program we paid for. So that's half way.

The girl is in her 3 month growth spurt and so is eating constantly. Fun. It's hard to blog one-handed.

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Waiting Lisa said...

I hope you enjoy your summer vacation!!

I am visiting for the first time from ICLW. :)