Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Education from both sides

So, my first week back at work. It happens to be close to the boy's speech evaluation. I am anxious to see what the speech therapist will have to say on Monday. I've also been researching the transition process that may or may not take place in a year. That seems so far away but it also will come quickly. Plus, I like to be prepared and the more time I have to look over/think about things and get questions answered, the better. So I've asked at work and hopefully will be able to talk to somebody who does this all the time. Education on this end is going pretty smoothly.

From the other end though... woo boy. It's not pretty. I knew being on maternity leave was going to be a pain. I had no idea just how painful it would be. I mean, the number of parents who are demanding meetings so they can request that their child's grade be changed is astounding. And my answer to all of them is the same. No. I don't change grades unless I screwed up. If I messed up, I will admit it and fix the problem. But I will not give your child an A because I like them. I will not pass your child because they're a senior (although I will WORK with them to help them earn a passing grade). I will not give your child a B because he claims that he should have that grade. I just won't do it.

The ultimate goal of what I do is education. I learned a long time ago that an A does not mean you've mastered the material and an F doesn't mean that you haven't learned a lot. And grades are always subjective unless you're talking about a multiple choice test (which I'm not fond of for evaluative purposes but they sure are easy to grade). So yes, you may have a different opinion. But here's the facts: I went to school to learn how to do this. In fact, I spent several years learning both my subject area (Chemistry and Physics) and education. I am referred to as a professional for a reason.While I appreciate you are well versed in your child, I am well versed in managing my classroom. So unless you are about to explain a special circumstance like recently diagnosed ADHD or the fact that they are narcoleptic on Wednesdays we don't need a meeting. You need to accept my professional judgement.

Please, let me never be this annoying.

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