Saturday, May 22, 2010

Adventures in potties

The boy is 2 and I would like to think that he won't be in diapers forever. Moreso, I would love to believe that he will potty train SOON so I don't need to buy diapers for 2 kids - or at least not need him in diapers all day. We can do nighttime diapers. So we've been talking about the potty.

For his birthday we got him How to Potty Train Your Monster. It's a very cute book and it doesn't push the issue much, since it's talking about monsters and not kids. He likes it. Then, not long ago, we were in a store getting some things for the girl and we walked past the potty seats. Out of nowhere we suddenly were hearing "Ning! Ning!" Sure enough, a Cars themed potty seat was there, and he desperately wanted it. So we got it for him.Other than that, we've simply been talking about the potty. Plus he's in the 2-3 year old a preschool and that room is a transition room, so some kids use the potty and others don't.

Yesterday was a momentous occasion. We were sitting watching tv when I looked over at the boy who had taken off his pants and diaper (this was a first for us) and pointed at the bathroom. He looked at me expectantly, so I asked him if he wanted to go potty. He said yes, so I took him and put him on the seat. We sat there for awhile... maybe 10 minutes... before I asked him if he was done. He said yes. Well he hadn't actually done anything, but hey, I figured it was a start. I put his diaper and pants back on him and went back to the girl who was attempting to scoot across the room backwards (and failing, since she's not quite aware of her hands yet, let alone capable of coordinated motion).

Five minutes later my husband went over to the boy and announced he needed a new diaper. So apparently he knows when he has to go, but doesn't know when he's actually gone? Or he just thinks he needs to go in his diaper? Who knows... I'm still hoping that, you know, someday, I won't have to buy diapers in bulk for two...


Jenny said...

There's a book somewhere and I can't remember the name of it, but you potty train your child in one day. My friend used it on both of her kids. Something about teaching a doll how to potty and throwing a party in the bathroom. I'll have to email her and ask what book she used.

It sounds like he understands what the potty is used for. I do know from having a nephew around that it takes boys a lot longer to potty train than girls.

Good luck!

Marielle0430 said...

Awwww how cute! Sounds like he's close!

Niki said...

Sounds like he is trying, thats the first step right?
Good luck!

Happy ICLW!(#64)

BabyWid said...

Sounds like your son is getting close. Once they start saying that they went is a very good sign. Good luck with the process!

Happy ICLW

junebug said...

Sounds like great process to me. :-) Good luck.

HollyT said...

Well, it certainly seems like a good start. At least he's aware of where it's at and what he's supposed to do, right? Sounds adorable nonetheless. Of course, buying diapers in bulk probably diminishes some of the cuteness. Good luck!

studentrntiffany said...

I got the book "everybody poops" for my stepson and it worked like magic!! Funny book too!

Best of luck!!

Happy ICLW!

K said...

He sounds so close, I understand how frustrating it can be.