Saturday, May 22, 2010

Adventures in potties

The boy is 2 and I would like to think that he won't be in diapers forever. Moreso, I would love to believe that he will potty train SOON so I don't need to buy diapers for 2 kids - or at least not need him in diapers all day. We can do nighttime diapers. So we've been talking about the potty.

For his birthday we got him How to Potty Train Your Monster. It's a very cute book and it doesn't push the issue much, since it's talking about monsters and not kids. He likes it. Then, not long ago, we were in a store getting some things for the girl and we walked past the potty seats. Out of nowhere we suddenly were hearing "Ning! Ning!" Sure enough, a Cars themed potty seat was there, and he desperately wanted it. So we got it for him.Other than that, we've simply been talking about the potty. Plus he's in the 2-3 year old a preschool and that room is a transition room, so some kids use the potty and others don't.

Yesterday was a momentous occasion. We were sitting watching tv when I looked over at the boy who had taken off his pants and diaper (this was a first for us) and pointed at the bathroom. He looked at me expectantly, so I asked him if he wanted to go potty. He said yes, so I took him and put him on the seat. We sat there for awhile... maybe 10 minutes... before I asked him if he was done. He said yes. Well he hadn't actually done anything, but hey, I figured it was a start. I put his diaper and pants back on him and went back to the girl who was attempting to scoot across the room backwards (and failing, since she's not quite aware of her hands yet, let alone capable of coordinated motion).

Five minutes later my husband went over to the boy and announced he needed a new diaper. So apparently he knows when he has to go, but doesn't know when he's actually gone? Or he just thinks he needs to go in his diaper? Who knows... I'm still hoping that, you know, someday, I won't have to buy diapers in bulk for two...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Places to go, things to do

I had a conversation at work the other day with a co-worker about what we would do if we won the lottery. Like, really won, I mean - millions, maybe billions. Not a couple thousand. He had asked me if I would still work and oddly enough, my answer was yes.

"You'd come back to work?"

Well, not exactly. I wouldn't be teaching anymore, but there are lots of things I would want to do. STarting with volunteer time. Besides the March of Dimes, I would want to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and probably a few other places too.

But mostly what I would want to do would be to travel. The list of places is long. I mean, first I would by a Disney Vacation Club so I could go many, many times. Because I am nothing if not a Disney freak. However, there are dozens of other places on my list. So I figured I'd give you a brief summary of the wheres and whys (in no particular order).

Alaska, just for the scenery.
Arizona, specifically Phoenix. I hear (from Guy Fieri) that there are some good places to eat down there.
California: San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles/Anaheim and anywhere with a vineyard
Colorado, again for the scenery
Hawaii, to dive
Lousiana, specifically New Orleans
Maine, for the lobster
Massachusetts, because I grew up here and LOVE Boston
Nevada, to eat my way across Las Vegas
New York, because again, having lived here I love it and miss it
Oregon, mostly for scenery
Pennsylvania, to see Philadelphia
Texas: Austin, Houston and San Antonio
Virginia and DC for the historical sites
Washington, specifically Seattle

That's just in the US, because the list goes on:
England (again) because I haven't seen enough yet.
Ireland, for the history and geneaology
France, specifically Paris but also the countrysides
Germany, for the beer
Holland, for the tulips
Italy, again for the food
Australia, mostly to dive but also to see Australia
Nova Scotia and the islands off Canada

Keep in mind that I am currently 33, will be 34 in December and only a small portion of this list has been completed. I'll get through the list. It's mostly just a matter of time. But millionaire or not, I intend to see all the places on my list. I should probably get a move on, huh?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Education from both sides

So, my first week back at work. It happens to be close to the boy's speech evaluation. I am anxious to see what the speech therapist will have to say on Monday. I've also been researching the transition process that may or may not take place in a year. That seems so far away but it also will come quickly. Plus, I like to be prepared and the more time I have to look over/think about things and get questions answered, the better. So I've asked at work and hopefully will be able to talk to somebody who does this all the time. Education on this end is going pretty smoothly.

From the other end though... woo boy. It's not pretty. I knew being on maternity leave was going to be a pain. I had no idea just how painful it would be. I mean, the number of parents who are demanding meetings so they can request that their child's grade be changed is astounding. And my answer to all of them is the same. No. I don't change grades unless I screwed up. If I messed up, I will admit it and fix the problem. But I will not give your child an A because I like them. I will not pass your child because they're a senior (although I will WORK with them to help them earn a passing grade). I will not give your child a B because he claims that he should have that grade. I just won't do it.

The ultimate goal of what I do is education. I learned a long time ago that an A does not mean you've mastered the material and an F doesn't mean that you haven't learned a lot. And grades are always subjective unless you're talking about a multiple choice test (which I'm not fond of for evaluative purposes but they sure are easy to grade). So yes, you may have a different opinion. But here's the facts: I went to school to learn how to do this. In fact, I spent several years learning both my subject area (Chemistry and Physics) and education. I am referred to as a professional for a reason.While I appreciate you are well versed in your child, I am well versed in managing my classroom. So unless you are about to explain a special circumstance like recently diagnosed ADHD or the fact that they are narcoleptic on Wednesdays we don't need a meeting. You need to accept my professional judgement.

Please, let me never be this annoying.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho....

Just one more week of maternity leave and then I have to go back to work. I feel fortunate that I only have 5 weeks before summer vacation, but it really does stink to have to put the girl into daycare for 5 weeks. Especially since she won't have many of her vaxes yet. I really don't want her to get sick. Hopefully the fact that it's warming up will mean fewer germs abound as more people are spread out and not all cooped up in the same space.

The boy will be 2 on Tuesday. Holy moley... I've been a mom to an earth side baby for 2 years! Which, ironically, is about how long it took to get him. Funny, these past two years went a whole lot faster than the 2 before that.