Sunday, April 4, 2010

After a long hiatus...

I needed a break of sorts, I suppose. I'm going to start this up again and hopefully be able to update it once a week. We shall see!

The irony of starting again on Easter... I'm not Christian, of any sort so religiously the holiday means little to me but the fact that it's about resurection has not escaped me. So we'll resurect the blog and see how it goes.

The crazy little boy has had way to much candy given to him. We'll have to ration that out pretty slowly or he'd try and eat it all at once. The teeny one is to small to eat solid anything yet, so there's no worry about her candy consumption. There probably won't be to much worry about it at the next candy fest (aka Halloween!) either. The boy though... he'll be all over that.

I think that the candy plaed in comparison to the toys though. He got 3 cars - 2 different Lightning McQueens and a Mater. He has carried them all over the house this morning. We really need to find him a couple of other movies though, cause Cars is getting old. Not that I mind his Disney addiction, but there are others... and we need to start watching some of the others. Before Mommy loses it! I can recite parts of the movie verbatim. I know it's a phase and he'll grow out of it, but still.

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