Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It's already October. It seems like it was just January but here it is 10 months later. My 5 month old is nuts. He's got a killer smile. And he still has blue eyes. I'm thinking that they're staying. Common word seems to be that if they were going to turn darker they would have started to already. But they're still a deep slate blue color. Very pretty. Very Irish. Especially with the blond hair and the pale skin like Mommy. I've been told he still looks like me, despite the differences in hair and eye color. It's cute.

He has an enormous fascination with his feet. He's pretty good at holding them, especially when you're trying to change his diaper. This, obviously, makes changing a diaper fairly tricky but it makes him happy. The simple stuff, I guess.

He can also sit up by himself. Not straight upright, but he holds himself up with his hands and as long as he doesn't try to lean to far to one side he's good. I have a baby who's very interested in his world. He's getting bigger. It's pretty awesome.

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