Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Food stuffs

So far, we are fans of sweet potato, peas, prunes, pears and green beans. Carrots, not so much. I'm still trying though, since I find that odd. Next on the list is either banana or peach. Probably the peach though since it took him a couple of days to poop this time and I want to avoid constipating type foods for awhile. This kid definitely likes his food though. He was screaming at me today as I ate dinner in between his green bean. Cause I wasn't feeding him. I only let him have half a Gerber container (about a tablespoon, I guess) at a time. I think he'd eat a whole one if I let him. Technically he gets a whole one a day since Madelaine gives him something for breakfast and I give him something for dinner. My goal is to go through all the available flavors and find out what he likes and dislikes (not much so far) and then we'll look at increasing portion sizes and adding stuff together. Earth's Best has some really awesome flavor combos.

On the adult side, my new crockpot is da bomb!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Cereal and sweet potato are apparently popular with small blond haired little boys. As an aside, he has also grown into 6 month clothes. If he keeps going like this by the time he's one he'll be wearing 2T clothes.