Saturday, May 31, 2008

4 weeks

Somehow I have had Aeden for 4 weeks (almost a whole month). He should have been here for 2 days, and I've had him for 4 weeks... can you tell I'm a little bit in awe? I've been Mommy for 4 weeks. After trying for so long and losing the twins and the desperate feelings I had that I'd never get a baby. Now I've got him and he's something else. That's not a bad thing. I think it would be easier if he would sleep or eat a little bit more at a time but we're working on this and heading toward a state of being where I can be conscious even though I'm sleeping very odd hours. For example, I now get up somewhere between 4 and 6 daily. I guess I can consider this practice for when school starts again. Hopefully this trend won't continue forever... actually, eventually he'll be a teenager someday and we all know that they routinely sleep until noon.

Friday, May 30, 2008

If you're so inclined...

If you come across coupons for any of the following and don't need them, I'd love to have them!
Pampers Diapers
Huggies Wipes
Gerber... well anything (baby food, cereal, pacis, etc)
Johnson's baby lotion
Johnson's head to toe baby wash
Johnson's good night lotion/baby wash

Thank you!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We are 2 1/2 weeks old

Gee... that seems to be old. I mean, we were just in the NICU a little more than a week ago. And ironically, we still haven't hit his due date. That's still a week away.

I miss sleep. Lots. But we did better last night. We were in bed around 10:30. We got up at 1, were up for half an hour to eat and change the diaper. We got up again around 4 and were up for an hour. Then we got up at 6. At which point mommy caved and laid the peanut down with us instead of in his bed. And slept until 8:30. I call that successful. For now.

At the pediatrician's Monday, his weight was 6lbs, 11ozs. So he's gained almost a pound from birth. More than that by now. We see lactation again on Tuesday and get another weight. The pediatrician sees him again on June 4th. Mommy goes to her doctor a week later for my post partum visit.

If you're curious, when he was born I weighed 190. Yesterday, I weighed 165, which means I need to lose 15 pounds to get to where I was when we started this adventure.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

2nd lesson learned

The first lesson was learned in the NICU - any child not wearing a diaper WILL poop on you. And the floor.

Second lesson, learned last night. It is entirely possible for a child to wet his diaper so much that it leaks in a very short period of time. This results in a cranky baby with wet clothes.


Monday, May 12, 2008


My little Peanut is home with me, which is wonderful. We're working on the routine. Currently there isn't one. He eats when he's hungry (always), he poops a lot, and sleeps when he wants to. He is by far the best mother's day present anyone could ask for. :)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Welcome to the world, Peanut!

This is late, but it's the first time I've had a moment to sit down and type it out. My little Peanut, Aeden, was born on Sunday (almost a week ago now!). He was 3 1/2 weeks early and we have one heck of a story to go with it.

When I woke up that morning, I felt fine. I ate some cereal and sat down at the computer. After sitting there for awhile, a realized I was having cramping but as that had been happening for awhile I kind of ignored it. But by an hour or so more, I realized that it was pretty regular cramping. So I started to time it. But the contraction were irregular in length and spaced out irregularly so I immediately thought that it wasn't going to happen anytime soon. They'd have to be more regular and longer. I ended up getting into a bath to try and ease the pain up some... Heh. That didn't work. In fact, while I was in the tub they got much more intense - still not regular but OMG, intense. I called my OB's nurse line and after Chris talked to her for a little while (and I tried to not throw up) it was decided I was going to the hospital. Clearly something was going on.

The ride there was eventful. It's a 45 minunte drive that got made longer by a house falling off a truck and closing the main road we use to get to the hospital. So we had to back track and go around. I have no clue how long the trip took, other than way to long (for my taste, anyway). We got to the hospital and checked in and the nurses put me in triage... and kind of forgot about me. It might have gotten busy and, again I have no time frame for how long anything really took, but eventually in the middle of a contraction, I asked Chris to go find a nurse cause I had a strong pressure that was heading toward push... cause as it turned out I was 7 cm dialated. They moved me really quickly into a birthing room thinking that I was giving birth soon. I decided I needed something to try and dull the pain. The nurse gave me some IV drugs and for awhile those worked beautifully. Except that it started to wear off and when they checked again, I was still only 7 cm. At that point, epidural was considered and I decided it might be a good idea. They called for the anesthesiologist, checked me again (8 1/2??) and then my water broke. Well, the pressure was gone but wow did those contractions get worse. The miracle worker arrived and put in an epidural (that I never felt) and almost instantly I felt better.

I wanted to push and there was some debate about how dialated I really was but eventually we decided to try pushing. And we got nowhere. He'd move a little and then stop. And move a little and stop, almost like he was stuck. As it turned out, he wasn't stuck per say but had put his head down on his shoulder and was coming sideways down the birth canal, plus he was face up when he should have been face down. There was a lot of concern though because we didn't know about the sideways part yet and I wasn't making much progress. We discussed options - csection (I so did not want that!), forceps or vacuum. We moved to the OR as a just in case scenario and tried the vacuum. And at 6:00 pm (18:00 hours!) I got him out. It was a TON of work (for both of us). He cried right away so he was breathing (YAY!) and they took him to a warmer to evaluate him. His first APGAR was a 4 (not so hot) but by about 30 minutes later he was an 8, so much better. They brought him to me (as I was being stitched up - I got a 2nd degree tear and was having IV fluids due to the amount of blood I lost). It turns out that in addition to all the problems he was having moving, there was also a placental abruption, where the placenta starts to come away from the uterus and 25% of the placenta had detached. That's probably why labor was triggered to begin with.

Aeden went to the NICU. He been there since, having a rough time getting everything sorted out. He had an IV in for awhile for feedings but he's eating now and his IV is out. The only thing left to clear up is some jaundice. Hopefully, today his bilirubin level will come down enough for the doctor to try a rebound and see if the jaundice comes back. If it doesn't he'll be home this weekend. Otherwise he'll go back under the lights. I really want him home, but more than that, I want him healthy so he stays, even though it's killing me to leave him there. He's beautiful, precious, perfect. Everything a mommy could want.