Monday, April 28, 2008


So, we have gotten out of the worried phase (the doctor's have anyway, I wasn't worried). I went to the doctor's on Friday, expecting a normal appointment. Hah! Yeah, right...

All the swelling is pretty much gone. This was good. The blood pressure wasn't good. I don't know why it goes up and down the way it does. I'm weird, I suppose. At any rate, the first reading they got was 136/100. That was kind of high, so they checked it again at the end of the appointment and got 130/92. Lower, but still not good, by whatever standard they were using (I don't think that it's that horrible, but what do I know?). So, I got sent over to the hospital where I laid for nearly 4 hours. They monitored the baby (who was just peachy) and took blood pressure readings (which were all normal) and took a whole lot of blood (there were 8 vials when all was said and done) and had me pee in a cup AGAIN (I had just gone at the beginning of the appointment). After laying there for awhile, they decided I was fine (duh) and could go home (thank you!). But first I had to get instructions on collecting pee for 24 hours. Yeah, you don't want to have to do that, ever. The final remark on my discharge papers (I was admitted for 'observation') was bedrest. Hahahahahahaha... I had to drive back to the hospital the next day to return the pee. So yeah, that was really restful. And then, I had to go back this morning for a non stress test at the doctor's office (so much for resting).

So they monitored the baby some more (still just peachy). My blood pressure was 120/71 (don't ask me why it does these things... just to be difficult, I guess). That was it. Happily, now I don't have to go back until next Monday. That will get us into May (woohoo, baby month!).

I have instructed the peanut that he would, in fact, make a wonderful mother's day present, if he was so inclined. We shall see...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh, ouch

So now that I have nothing better to do all day than lie here with my feet up, I am acutely aware of how much pain my back and hips are in. Can I say not good? Owwwwww....

Monday, April 21, 2008

34 weeks 3 days

34 weeks 3 days
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Hey look - it's a gigantic belly. How about that...

Day 1 of no more work

I went to the doctor Friday and the baby looks good. I, however, don't look so good. My bp was 120/92 (yes, 92) and I had a lot of swelling. My doctor didn't like that at all. So much so that she told me I'm not going to work anymore. So, here I am, at home at 9am on a Monday morning. I actually got up this morning and had to go in to fill out paperwork. That was all good because I should get paid most if not all of the time I will miss between my saved sick time and any donated sick time (fingers crossed here). So, yay for good news. I put together the work for today and took a good chunk of stuff home with me. That way I can do the notes for the rest of the week and each week after that while I sit here doing... nothing. If I have anything of interest to share (and I'm sure I will) I'll update. :)