Thursday, March 6, 2008

It has come to my attention...

that my blog doesn't get used much. It should get used more, as it's a very useful little blog. And now that I only have 12 weeks left before the little Bug is born, well, it seems more than safe to go back to writing. I've been very reluctant to write because I was terrified I'd jinx myself somehow. Don't ask me how. But now we're into the third trimester. And lo and behold, I'm still pregnant. Believe me, the kid won't let me forget it. :D

Now there is some confusion in my brain. Mainly trying to accept the fact that there is, in fact, a child in there. And he's mine. And oh yeah, in 3 months he'll be coming home with me. This is a startling revelation to a person who was convinced that she would never get near this day. Now I'm trying to figure out when my mom should come down and if I have enough baby clothes and if I have all the things we'll need. Everybody has a different opinion about what you need and don't need to have a happy baby. I have a feeling that the kid will let us know exactly what makes him happy though. For that reason, I'm holding off on buying anything like bouncy seats or swings until he gives me a hint as to what he prefers. I'd rather not spend the money just to find out that he hates swings and would rather have a bouncy seat.

I'm also still trying to figure out this boy thing. I'm not sure I know what to do with a boy. I mean, my husband doesn't do the football thing (thank God!) but that doesn't help, really. All the experience I have with boys to this point, is really high school boys. They're pretty much asses from what I've seen. Ok, this isn't true of ALL high school boys (and I hope it's not true of mine) but a large majority of them certianly are. It's quite annoying. Plus, I keep forgetting that my son is not going to be quite like most of the kids around here, if he's at all like his mom and dad. Cause his mom and dad are geeks, to put it bluntly. Role-playing, Disney loving geeks. Who don't watch football or basketball. And don't hunt. We are ren faire, D&D loving, once larpers who have a very... different view of the world. Hopefully this rubs off on him and he becomes a Star Wars loving, Harry Potter reading wierdo.

Actually, I think nothing would make me happier. Now break out the Little People and the Duplo blocks. Those, I can work with.

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