Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bug Update

Currently, we think he weighs about 3 1/2 pounds. Now, this is not exact and could be off by a pound in either direction. I am really hoping he decides to slow down on the growth just a little. We still have 10 weeks left! He's also practice breathing, which is apparently, a little ahead of schedule. But it seems he's getting a little ahead of me - I'm 29 weeks and 5 days today. He measured at 30 weeks 1 day. Not a huge difference, but in the 6 weeks since we last saw him on u/s he's gotten ahead. There are also small changes in my cervix. It's still plenty long enough, at 4 1/2 cm, but it's actually lost a little length, because we started at 5.2 cm. As long as we're over 3 cm, it's all good. But the change means that my cervix is getting started with the shortening, which if the kid is coming out, obviously needs to happen. My doctor said that doesn't usually start until 33 weeks, but mine's already started. This makes me wonder if he'll be like his mom and decide to be a little on the early side. He's also flipped himself head down. Hopefully he decides to stay that way. The kicks are easier to deal with up into my ribs than down into my poor bladder. I have an u/s picture, but I have not scanned it. It's also not real good cause he wanted to put his hands up over his face the whole time... gee, that sounds like grandma.

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