Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adventures in cleaning

I've cleaned half of my house. I still have to go through the living room and kitchen (yes, I left the worst two for last!) and I need to vaccuum the baby's room and finish picking up in there. I got rid of all the boxes though, which is nice. I went through my closet and got rid of things that I never wore or barely fit before I got pregnant the first time (which means I may never fit in them again) and kept the things that make me really happy/comfy. This has left me with a few extra hangers. I'll probably go through the movies tomorrow and books to send anything that I don't want along with the clothes to Goodwill. I also have to make sure I get rid of all the cat fur in the baby's room (which isn't to bad and is only in a few places. All I need to get at this point is a mattress and a breast pump and I'll have everything that the kid could possibly need for awhile.

Our vacation was nice. There will be pictures later.

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