Friday, February 15, 2008

Ah, the interesting-ness of it all

So, as of Sunday NASCAR is running again. This is good, although it will also be interesting as we will have a bunch of people (don't ask me for a total) in our house. According to Chris, there is one redneck who is also a Jimmie Johnson fan (blech!), as well as a lover of Jeff Gordon and Miller Lite plus Chris, the Tony Stewart fan. This, of course, means that most likely Junior will win the race just to bug all of them. I don't really care who wins (cause we all know that it won't be Jamie unless there's divine intervention!) but there will be food. Food is always a good thing. And I'll be able to snack. Since Bug is still determined to squish both my lungs and stomach snacking is a wonderful thing!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Bug at 24 weeks

Bug 24 weeks
Originally uploaded by Malkavian513
This is Bug as of yesterday. All (roughly) 1 1/2 pounds of him. He was entirely uncooperative in that he would not move his arm and allow a better picture to be taken of him. In all other respects however, he is good. He measured exactly 24 weeks, just like me and seems to be perfect in all respects. He has, for some odd reason, decided to cram himself into the upper half of my uterus however and stay there, leaving the lower half entirely unoccupied except for a placenta. There's no reason for this, other than he's a boy and he will do what he wants. He's also laying transverse (not head down and not head up but rather sideways) although that's not an issue because he has plenty of time to figure out that he needs to turn his stubborn little self downwards.

So that's 24 weeks down and 16 weeks to go.