Sunday, September 16, 2007

Adventures in lizards and cats

So the little guy above is known as a 5 lined skink. They are the most common lizard in the eastern US. They're fast, small and like to eat crickets. And I have firsthand knowledge of all of this. How you ask?
Chris was away last week at the manager's meeting (and got me a CSI shirt, which rocks!) and of course while he was gone we had an adventure.
I came home Monday to find Ossie staring at the top of the window. This isn't new behavior for him and I just assumed that there was a fly buzzing around up there. I ignored him and turned on Ellen because she had Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter) on. So I'm watching Dan and Ellen and all of a sudden there's a ruckus behind the tv. What on Earth? I wonder to myself... So I went to go look (fortunately, Ellen and Dan had just finished and gone to commercial) and Ossie is losing his mind. At first it looks like he's trying to get nothing... and then suddenly that little lizard darts across a wire. And Ossie goes after it. And then Utu decides he's going to try too. Let me tell you that these lizards fit in the damndest places!
Now, my husband has a thing for electronics. He loves them almost as much as his wife (possibly more, but I digress). We have a Bose surround sound with a huge tv, a Playstation, XBox 360 and the cable box connected with thousands of wires. All of a suddent he tv goes blank, the sound shuts off and there's still 2 cats and a lizard going crazy. Ok, first things first! Catch the lizard (which I managed to do). Once he was safely contained in a Ziploc container, I moved on the more important things - the tv! It took an hour, a phone call to our friend Matt and a lot of dust removal but finally we had the tv fixed. All of this over a lizard.
The lizard was subsequently released to the yard, a little freaked out but no worse for wear. The cats were extremely disappointed that I let their toy go.

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