Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oh, so this is normal?

My body has decided (all on its own) that it would like to function normally (so far. this could, of course, change at any moment). I am quite happy as well as largely shocked. How it came to this discovery, we may never know. My only hope is that this trend continues.

I'll be waiting to see how long normal holds out, and if it continues for the next 14 or so days then there may yet be sanity in my life. That would be novel.

The tarot reading I did earlier had Death as the present conditions card. No, that doesn't mean I'm going to die. Death represents new beginnings. My outcome card was The Moon. That's interpreted as the completion of a cycle. It would be stellar if that meant that I am starting a new cycle of life. Hopefully this cycle doesn't suck as much. Of course, there's also Halloween in a couple of months. Nothing like a celebration of the dead and new beginnings for starting over, right?

Work tomorrow. My joyous, wonderful summer is over. Upside, I now have a room of my own, for sure, no sharing or anything. Downside, new school, again. More of that starting over joy.

It's bloody brilliant I tell you! (FYI, Stardust rocks - go see it).

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