Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Because I've nothing really new to post (and I'm a bit bored), so some word association (snagged from another blog)

Always: remember to call my mom
Average: uh, no I'm not
Annoyance: cats waking me up far to early...
Age: 30
Available: until school starts again and then I have to go work

Best Friends: Chris, Kate, Rique
Beer: Guiness might be nice, or a Sam Adams
Birthday: Dec. 26
Boast: I keep secrets (very well, I might add)

Crush: Matt Damon and Jamie McMurray (yes, I know they're both famous. What's your point?)
Car: 94 Honda Accord (I love it)
Candy: York Patties
Cry: not much in recent days, but I have been known to, yes.

Days: counting them (for numerous things)
Dream: plenty, but only a couple have actually come true so far
Dare: I'm not real big on those
Drug: metformin and advair

Easy: cooking is easy
Eggs: doesn't really matter
Email: I can be bad about replying but I like getting them
Envy: those women who get pregnant looking at men

Flavors: lime, mint, lobster, peas (not all at once though)
Favorites: books, movies, thunderstorms
Flaws: perfectionism (oh yes, it's a flaw, trust me)
Finicky: depends on what we're discussing

Grateful: I have Chris, my mom and dad, 3 brothers and a sister plus a sister-in-;aw and a brother-in-law and a rather large extended family, all of whom love me.
Gifts: I like giving them
Gum: yuck
Gross: cat barf

Hair: brown and rather defiant
Height: 5'2"
Happiest: if I had my family nearby - all of them
Hate: drama

Ice Cream: oh... something high in calories
Instrument: saxophone
Idols: Don't have one anymore, I don't think
Independence: Am I? Yes.

Jewelry: a wedding ring and a watch when I remember it
Jail: somewhere I never want to go
Jenga: that movie was awful
Jammies: are comfy.

Kids: Yes, I'd like a few
Karaoke: I don't sing in public
Kiss: my husband, quite often thanks.

Longest: month ever
Love: is wonderful
Life: precious
Lost: no, I don't think I am... (am I?)

Milk: 1%
Miss: my boys
Movies: Stardust was very good
Memory: I have lots of those

Nails: I bite them
No: I don't like that word
Name: Christy
Never: lose hope

Ordinary: my life
One phobia: falling
Office: Don't have one. It's called a classroom.

Primal urge: Um.....?
Personality: Mine? I don't know. Pretty good, I guess.
Pain: fades with time

Quick or Slow: Quiick would be nice, thanks
Quest: why are we here?

Reason to cry: my boys
Reality TV: sucks, quite frankly, except for Hell's Kitchen... Add Gordon Ramsay to the crush list.
Rage: I've experienced it
Regret: You know what? None so far.

Song: Nothing in particular
Season: Fall
Shoes: I need new sneakers
Silly: a cat with all 4 feet in the air

Time you woke: Today? 8:30
Time now: 10:14 pm
Taste: Well, I'll try almost anything once (note I said ALMOST anything)

Undress: to take a shower usually
Unpredictable: life
Unfortunate: That Harry Potter is done
Unforgettable: Several nights with people

Vegetables: peas, corn, spinach (when cooked right)
Virgin: not for awhile now
Vacation: That would be nice
Voice: Is fine, except when there are 25 kids yelling over me

Worst Habit: biting my nails
Wish: for time to slow down some days
Waste: I try not to
Wander: I've wandered quite far

X-Rated: only sometimes
X-Rays: only a few in my life (and hopefully no more)
X-Men: Rogue is cool
X-marks the spot: So where's the map?

Yes: Is that an answer to my question?
Yellow: Sunflowers
Yearn: some answers would be nice

Zoo Animal: do penguins count? if not, tigers.
Zodiac: capricorn or dragon depending on the zodiac
Zzzz: I think I'll go read for awhile first (current read, The Bourne Supremacy. Good so far)

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