Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pace across room, turn, repeat

I'm going to the doctor today. I am anxious, afraid, nauseated, somewhat sad, afraid (did I mention that?), nervous and (oddly enough) relieved. Part of me is glad this day is here, because I was beginning to think that time was stopping and the day would never arrive. The rest of me is gravely concerned over the things that she can (and can't) tell me. I have a million and one what-if's again. I wish I had Chris, Kate or my mom to come with me too. Those are the three people that I think would be a really good support right now (not that I don't love the rest of you, but there's a unique aspect to this and I really need somebody who knows me inside and out and those are the 3 people who I think qualify at this point in my life). I have 2 hours to go...

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