Saturday, June 30, 2007

Halfway (aka 20 weeks)

14o days to go, officially 5 months. So what does the doctor's visit reveal? Well, both babies sound good (nice heartbeats, one was a little pumped, maybe cause I'd just eaten but he was going nuts in there). I've gained 18 pounds, so I have 6 more pounds to go and I'll have my 24 pounds at 24 weeks. My uterus, however, is very stretched out. It measures at 31 weeks, with the top tip sitting just beneath my diaphragm. This easily explains why taking a deep breath is difficult. Apparently, they decided to grow up first and then out. It can't go up any further, really, so the only direction left is outward. This ought to be interesting, eh?

It has also occured to me that I'm going to have 2 boys. Now, I have brothers. I have seen firsthand what happens when boys get bored. Heck, even when they're not bored things get... interesting. Some highlights include: setting a washcloth on fire (at 8 in the morning), throwing pennies around the bedroom, resulting in one penny falling between a nightlight and where it was plugged in (causing the plugs to be seperated from the nightlight itself, left inside the outlet), putting army men into the microwave just to see what would happen, and general cuts, scrapes, bruises and broken bones. And this is just what ONE boy managed to do, by himself. So I'll have 2, working together at the exact same age (and likely thinking the same things). What exactly did I do to deserve this?? Somebody save me, please!

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