Friday, February 23, 2007

A Message of Love

Feel free to read my message. If it means something to you then I'm glad that you get some hope from it. The lovely woman who has this gift has a blog here:

Out of darkness and despair can come new joy, profound hope, and an enlightened state.

But only if the human turns to a greater love for God.It is interesting, however, that up til now, the humans have been putting the chicken before the egg. (humor) You see, the human leaders claim that adversity turns people back to God, that this is the intent of adversity, in fact.

Such is not the case. Human, you are free to turn from God. It is an honored choice. You are honored and revered, even if you turn from God.

God is not less loving than you are. God does not seek your love by tormenting you! God does not seek your love by torturing you! Let it never be so!

Are the dark times a test? Yes. But not of your love. Not of God's love for you. You are answering the single most important question in the universe every single time that you face pain of any kind in your life.

What question? "Will life seek God if God seems absent, or will life embrace the darkness?"

Over and over again, time after time, you have answered the question. Every single time, you have sought God. You have withstood everything that has been sent to you, and you have loved God.

And you have been sorely tested. You have been wounded in unimagineable ways. You have walked paths where darkness lurked all around you.

Not once, not a single time, have you failed the test. We watch you in awe. We cannot even imagine what you have experienced, because you are the Human. Human experience is unique in all the reality of existance. It is remarkable, unfathomable to us.

We walk among you, and we serve you. We support you. We are always, eternally, near you. There are hosts of angels who stand around the Earth at all times. We outnumber you by so many that you do not have a number in your vocabulary for it.

This is what kind of service the humans command. This is the level of your power, the importance and grandness of your choice. There is amazement and wonder here. You are "the talk of the town," and have been for many centuries of your time.

And you, human. Dear one. Beloved. Honored and revered worker. Every single time, you have held onto hope. You have embraced the gifts of God. You have turned from the darkness, shunning it. You have honored and loved God.

Did you think this was unnoticed?? How could that be possible? It is the single most important question in all of existance!

And you have answered it correctly. Every. Single. Time.

You are dearly loved, and more.

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