Thursday, February 1, 2007

Catching Up

I haven't posted in awhile and since it's now February, I figured an update was in order. I finally ovulated on cd23, which is far later than expected. Currently I'm 6dpo and waiting patiently. See I've only got one test... well technically there are 2 in the box, but whatever. I don't want to waste any tests. I'm going to wait - probably I'll test on the 10th, which is a Saturday. It's right before Valentine's day.

I'm also amused that it's snowing today. Several months ago I had a psychic give me a brief reading and my only real question was when will I get my baby? Trust me, this becomes a very important question after trying for 6 months. Anyway, she said that she felt it would be snowing (she had said November) and I remember laughing. Snow? In North Carolina? Yeah, right. Except there's about an inch outside right now, so clearly she wasn't nuts. Now, clearly it's not November but it is snowing. Today may be the day my little baby decided to make herself at home in my uterus. That would be so wonderful. And I told her so a couple of times today.

Waiting is not the best part of this whole thing, but I'll take what I can get. At least I ovulated, right? I need some lunch. Snow days are such fun.

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The Chronicle Keeper said...

Maybe she meant the baby would come in November? Or something else significant and related to baby making would happen with those two marks (snow and November)?

Good luck. I hope you maintain your sanity during the 2ww! I rarely do.