Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Waiting Game

It seems that desperately wanting an answer to whether or not you are pregnant will almost certainly not get you an answer. I'm currently 14dpo (days past ovulation) and I have no signs good or bad. Of course, I might know better if I had continued to take temperatures but they were driving me insane. See the deal with temperatures is that after ovulation your body produces progesterone. Progesterone makes your temperature higher than normal immediately upon waking up (maybe during the day too, but I can't be sure about that one). Of course those temperatures also fluctuate - which is where the problem comes in. It's fine if it's going up but boy... if it goes down it can be devastating. Especially when it keeps coming down. So I had a huge drop and stopped temping figuring if it was going up or down one way or another I'd get an answer eventually. Except now I have no temperatures to look at for the last week so I don't know what's going on. If I had the temperatures I could say whether af was coming or not. But I can't. So now I wait... until something happens.

The worst part is that technically I may not have ovulated after all. Past cycles showed brief temperature rises that were followed by a fall and the whole cycle ended up being anovulatory because my temperatures were just rising and falling but no egg was ever released. Ever curse a decision after the fact? Now all I can do is... wait.

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