Friday, December 22, 2006

I've lost it

Well, in a desperate bid to keep my hopes alive, I've come up with a theory.

I've looked at the rates for hCG showing up in pregnancy. For those not in the know, hCG is the hormone that your body produces to support a pregnancy until the placenta is formed and can take over baby care. I've visited a few sites that talk about hCG levels and how they should change early in pregnancy. Most sites (some go a little higher to 10) say that 7 days after conception (likely before the fetus even implants) hCG is very low 0-5, which is totally undetectable.

Then it goes on to say the next week the amounts can range from 5-426, which is a huge range to deal with. However, It's entirely possible that you could be pregnant and not yet test positive (especially depending on when implantation happens which could be as late as day 12). Therefore it stands to reason that if your fetus (well, not a fetus but anyway) implants on day 12 (or possibly in my case, day 11 - I had some cramps that day for no apparent reason) there wouldn't necessarily be enough hCG to detect in a urine test. Now, supposedly that amount should double every two to three days. So... IF (big if) I implanted on 11dpo, let's assume my hCG was at 5 that day (it should be low, since your body erally has no way of knowing whether conception has occured yet)... There's no way to detect that until... (worst case) 20dpo?????? Or three days from now (it would be at 40 at that point, worst case, again).

So I will test again in a few days. Maybe Sunday morning (which would be 19 dpo). At that point, it should be high enough to be detectable. I mean, my situation can't get any worse, right?

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