Sunday, December 17, 2006


So that you're warned, this may be filled with abbreviations that you don't know. Take heart - hopefully you'll never have to know what they mean. I'll try to at least put something once to help the less informed along.

I am a 30 year old who has spent many years of her life looking for the right guy. Thank heaven, I finally found him (took him long enough to show up!). He's 35 and wonderful. We've been married for almost 1 and a half years now. Life, I thought, was pretty good. That was until I jumped on this roller coaster.

We've been TTC (trying to conceive) our first child for a year now. Yes, you heard me right. A year. 12 months. That's a long time. To put things into perspective I'll add some detail about my body. I'll try not to be too gross.

Of course, before I met my DH (dear husband, unless he's ticked me off... in which case you can likely fill in the other D that could be used) I was, like most other women in modern america, on birth control. My drug of choice was pills (as opposed to shots or things in my uterus). Be warned now - I'm convinced that those pills had some affect, whether the doctors swear otherwise or not. I was on bc pills for 10 years. Looking back, not the best idea. But what did I know?

Last year I went to my doctor who told me to stop taking the pills and have fun if I wanted a baby. So, I did......... and nothing happened. And nothing happened. And nothing happened. Now, I'm generally an optimist. I didn't expect for lightning to strike the first time (my DH did though), or even the second. But by try number three I was suspicious. There was another problem too. After stopping with the pills, my first menstrual cycle was 33 days (about where they were before I started taking the pills). The second however, was longer - 47 days. However, my doctor had warned me that could happen as my body readjusted. No big deal I thought. The third try was again 33 days. At this point, I decided to begin charting my cycles (you can see the charts by looking in my links below). This is when things got strange. 41 days, 46 days, 51 days! Whoa - I called my doctor back. 51 days, and it seemed as though I did not ovulate (when you ovulate, you should see a shift in your temperatures to higher temps). Not to worry she said. We'll talk at your yearly visit. Naturally, I was not happy by this conversation. It was now early October. So I tracked down a new doctor.

She agreed with me that something was amiss. She gave me Provera to induce a period (just to make sure) and diagnosed me as insulin resistant. This led to a prescription for Metformin (aka Glucophage) which is most commonly used to treat type 2 diabetes (and what I have is a precursor to type 2, typically, and type 2 runs in my family).

Currently, I am on day 32 of cycle #12, and hoping that we conceived this time. However, experience has taught me to not get my hopes up. The next step is Clomid, which is sure to be an adventure. I think after that step we move onto an RE (reproductive endocrinologist). So far, I have faith that my body can pull this off. However, we still need to wait and see. I invite you along on this journey. It's likely to be interesting.

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